Laziness, XBox360 & The Wild West

You couldn’t tell it by browsing this lame excuse for a blog, but I think about this site, a lot.

Every time I do something that I would want to tell a friend about, I think, “I really should post this on CONTRADICTION when I get home.” But I seldom if ever do.

It’s probably mostly laziness, but also I suffer from a self-imposed thought that just jotting something down is insufficient — a post here must be a long and thorough essay on the state of the something-or-other. I’m going to try to break that spell today, though. Even if I have just one or two lines to write, or just a thought, I’m going to log in & do it.

So in that spirit….

Yesterday I stopped by Games 4 Less (local used video game store) and picked up a used copy of Gun for my XBox360. It got poor reviews (largely because it was far from a “next-gen” title and very short) but I was interested because it’s a third-person shooter, which I enjoy, and it’s set in the wild west, which is a refreshing departure from space shooters & military shooters.

I’ve played about two hours into it and I’m really enjoying it. It’s got a fairly compelling and mature story and reason to get things done (which I appreciate) and sometimes just riding your horse around alone can be fun.

I wonder how many Chinese & Native American protest groups have condemned the western stereotypes portrayed in the game (there’s always somebody out there just standing by waiting to be angry about something), but they’re spot on with what you would expect from the old west that hollywood has established, so I find it a helluva lot of fun. Plus, it’s more achievements for me! (If you’re not familiar with XBox360 achievements, it’s addictive, so approach with caution!)

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