Hi, Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal… My Computer’s Messed Up

My wife is constantly threatening to buy this shirt for me.Being a nerd and electronics hobbyist all my life, I tend to be just slightly ahead of the curve of standard computer knowledge. I’m far from being an expert, but I tend to know more than most of my immediate friends. I can build a PC from scratch, understand well enough the process of drivers and hardware conflicts and can generally debug a PC that’s on the blink.Unfortunately, all my friends know this and I’m first on the list of who to call if thier PC starts acting up. Of course, being a good natured sap I’m always eager and willing to please, so I say, “Sure, bring it on over and I’ll have a look.” This results in the not-so-uncommon sight of a foreign PC occupying our dining room table for a few days, which as you might imagine, does not amuse my wife.

Maybe she thinks wearing this shirt will keep the table clear. I doubt it, but it is damned funny.

Incidentally, this is another of the fine t-shirts I found at

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