The Right Place & The Right Time

So over the July 4th holiday weekend my family and I were driving around town doing a bit of shopping and ended up at Sonny’s BBQ for some lunch.Shortly before we left, I excused myself to visit the men’s room. I found a clean stall, had a seat, and proceded to do the deuce.

As I was sitting there minding my own business, I was aware that two more people came into the room; one entered the other stall (standing) and the other went to the single wall urinal. Being secluded in my stall, I couldn’t see either of them, but as far as I could tell they seemed to be two young men, perhaps a teen and a younger boy, who knew one another and had already been generally cutting up & joking around before they even entered the room.

They were still talking to one another about some unknown conversation already in progress and giggling a bit when one paused and asked the other, “Man, did you fart?”urinal-001

Now, while “bathroom” humor isn’t unexpected or even out of line for men, young or old, what struck me as odd was the venue If there is anywhere on earth that flatulence should be not only tolerated but perhaps even greeted with acceptance, it’s in the bathroom.

If a man can’t break wind in the restroom without someone asking if he farted, where is farting to be done? Every human is going to release gaseous buildup, and that’s the room where such things are done The bathroom is WHERE YOU GO TO FART. What’s next? When I go to the dentist will I be asked to keep my mouth closed? Can I expect to be reprimanded if I get wet when when I go swimming? At my next poker night will my buddies razz me if I gamble?

My point is, when you’re in the appropriate place for something, you shouldn’t be surprised when it takes place. You wouldn’t be in a strip club and be shocked to see nudity, would you? Of course not. In the restroom is where you the most likely to hear a fart being released.

The appropriate answer in the situation should have been, “Yes, of course I farted. We’re in the men’s room, aren’t we? Would you rather I wait until I’m back in the restaurant and you’re chewing on your food?”

Or maybe that would have been the correct response. Trouble is, I’m the one who farted.

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