So You Do or Don’t Like This Money?

Ugh.  Here’s yet another example of a public display of ignorance.  You know, sometimes I wish I didn’t have such a firm grasp on the English language so maybe these things wouldn’t bother me.

But instead, grammatical errors seem to draw my eye and flash like a neon sign.
Will Except $20

I saw this one on vacation in an arcade posted on a change machine.  Apparently the new frameless-portrait $20 bills wouldn’t work in the machine, so they were alerting you that the machine would only “accept” the older style bill.

But rather, the scribbled sign with two photocopied bills pointed out that it would only “except” the one pictured.

Yes, I know I’m an anal grammar nazi, but when you get it wrong and it changes the meaning, then it’s even more wrong!  Does that mean it won’t accept the bill because that’s an exception?  Or that except for the type pictured no others will be accepted?  Sigh.

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