MAME CD v1.0

The MAME CD web page was the online companmamewebion to a compact disc (remember those things — the ones before affordable burnable DVDs or USB sticks?) I used to distribute to friends and friends-of-friends who wanted to get started with arcade game emulation, but didn’t know where to start.

It’s not legal to distribute the MAME emulator along with ROMs, so the CD included the ROMs and full instructions on where to find & download the emulator, and even showed you how to play the games right off of the CD once you had the emulator in place.

This was my first attempt at static HTML as instructions for a distributed disc, and it served its purpose.

The most amusing thing now looking back is that nearly all of the MAME ROMs would fit on a compact disc back then, but now it takes several DVD-ROMs to transport them all due partially to the sheer volume of games, but more so to those hard-drive based games which need the drive image to run along with the original ROMs.

No longer being maintained, but still viewable here.

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