I Have a Dream (About Puppies)

Hey, look!  More English ignorance on public display!  Sweet!  Saw this magnetic sign on the door of a car parked outside one of my favorite local eateries.
Dream Puppys

So I’ve blurred out the phone number.  Not out of respect to keep Travis Hood from getting prank phone calls, but on the off chance that they may make even one extra dollar from me posting their stupidity here if you happen to be looking for a puppy.
Everybody needs a dream puppy, right, but better yet is if you can get me multiple dream “puppys!”  C’mon, Travis!  Is it not enough that you thought you could erase the spots from the 101 Dalmations dogs and fool the world into thinking they’re your original artwork?

And to top it off, some schmuck at the Acme Magnetic Sign Emporium had to sign off on this artwork before filling Travis’ order.  Please, oh, please I hope somebody tried to correct him and was just told, “No, no.  That’s how we want it spelled.”  I hope the fine folks at AMSE didn’t just let this slide.

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