Menu Thinks I’m Inappropriate

Based on my own life experience, I’m well aware that my surname is a compound word.  And when used by the creative minds of Elementary and Junior High age kids (I’m looking at you, Scotty Feddon and Ron Hall), can be a treasure trove of hilariously filthy and inappropriate ribbing.  No, really, I know this for a fact.

But apparently, Scotty & Ron aren’t the only ones who get the joke.  This morning, when posting a review to for a recently purchased 1TB external hard drive, I got the following message from the “Real Name” creation app on the site:

In grade school, I had a whole arsenal of comebacks for this sort of interpretation of my last name, but rather than fire off implications about Amazon’s momma, maybe I’ll start with a polite email suggesting a filter which checks to see if the “inappropriate language” used in signatures matches the customer’s actual name.

Not only would I appreciate it, but so will Billy Glass, Dave Ballstein, and Mitch W. Shitakke.

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