Hey, Don’t Throw Away Those Jobs!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I shouldn’t be making fun of the disadvantaged & mentally deficient folks at Goodwill. And in fact, I’m not going to.

I’m not gonna say one word about the smelly retards who stock the shelves of your local stores with junk you weren’t able to pawn off on your neighbors at your last yard sale. Why? Not because of any ethical reasons, but because they didn’t design this sign.
Goodwill Equals

This giant canvas trash bag was hung over the gas pumps at an old gas station now being used as a Goodwill drop-off point. (I wonder if, when I pull up with a trunk full of stuff that just slightly too good to go straight to the dumpster, if the bell will still go “ding-ding” when I drive over the pressurized rubber hose bolted to the ground…)

It’s just simple subject/verb agreement. It’s easy. Look, just write it out longform correctly and then omit the unnecessary stuff:

“Donations are equal to jobs.”

“Donations are equal to jobs.”

Notice how I didn’t stupidly say, “Donations are equals to jobs,” did I? Yet somehow that was correct enough to print on a jumbo canvas gas pump cover and display less than six blocks from the Florida state capitol where laws are made. I feel better already.

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